Originally from seaside town Bournemouth, Dorset, Yasmin Natasha has spent some time swimming through London as a folksy singer-songwriter and sax player that oozes sunshine with her engaging pop sax melodies, catchy hooks, poetic lyrics all centred around the theme of paradise and escapism in contemporary life. Now this beach-loving artist is back in her hometown ready to make some waves in her hometown and collaborate with fellow creatives.


Brought up by the iconic south coast of England and having travelled the world since she was 9 years old, Yasmin's cultured lifestyle has ultimately influenced her musical direction whilst being inspired by George Ezra, Paul Simon, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Amy Winehouse and Astrud Gilberto.

Each of Yasmin's songs combine melody, poetry and contemporary hooks for an easy-listening yet infectious listen and have been aired across BBC Introducing London, South & Berkshire along with some local and independent radio stations.


Yasmin has caught the attention of BBC Introducing London, South & Berkshire who have aired each of Yasmin's singles followed up with an invitation to conduct a live performance and interview (Berkshire & South). As well as BBC Introducing, Yasmin's music has done particularly well along  the coast with independent stations, podcasts which have led to an increased fanbase. 

"When combined with her light, smooth vocals and stunning saxophone solo, you can’t help but feel right there with her" - ArtWillFall (Review)


"Her soul driven vocals embodied her bubbly and passionate aura which set the pace of the night" -  - Catherine Zita Music Blog 

2019 has seen the completion of Yasmin's latest track 'Flamingos' ready to flock across the world in search of bringing harmonious lovers together following on from her latest release 'You've Got Me Baby' (Feb '19).


The story behind 'Flamingos' is based on the struggles and anxieties of a perhaps dead-ended relationship between two lovers described as 'Flamingos'.


Like these mysterious birds that 'wade through water' in couples and flocks showing off their pink feathers, as we do when attracting someone and can become self-conscious that they'll 'go wondering to someone else in pink'. 

The song is progressive but lyrically describes a relationship that will never fly off the ground. It describes the efforts of trying to make it work whilst familiarising this behaviour like Flamingos. With ambient production and backing vocals, the track creates an easy-listening feel complimented by Yasmin's usual sax appearance in the bridge acting as a vocal part.

Featuring Yasmin Natasha herself on ukulele, alto sax as well as vocals, this is an idyllic introduction to the new chapter of Yasmin's music moving forward.

Mastered at Metropolis Studios, London by Hippy Baldwin.

Recorded by Patch Boshell.